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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

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Garage Door Repair Broken Spring

Garage door springs come in many different sizes and you have to know which ones you need. Remember that it all depends on the garage door height and weight. Garage door springs usually get installed either above the frame of the door or on the rear end of the door track. They all serve the same purpose making sure the garage door opens and closes and preventing it from getting damaged. If spring needs adjusting or becomes broken you have a choice of finding out how to fix the problem on your own or look for professionals Garage Door Repair to repair the damage for you.

Most of the time residential garage doors have standard torsion springs which get mounted just above the opening of the door and are supported by a shaft which runs through the centre of the springs. For lighter garage doors there is one spring and for heavier there are two springs depending on the size of the door. So what you should know is that easy set torsion springs are similar to standard torsion springs. The difference between them is the hardware which is used to install the easy set springs. Easy set torsion springs get mounted on each end of the torsion shaft right next to the cable drums.

The most common springs are extension springs and are installed parallel to the garage door tracks on either side of the garage door. Extension springs work on a pulley system along with the cables of the garage door and wrap around the pulleys. The other end of the spring gets attached to an eyebolt which is mounted on the track. The torsion springs that are used for steel rolling doors vary in size according to the height and weight of the garage door itself.

Curtain door springs are similar to steel rolling doors. Curtain doors are most often found on storage units and the springs are visible when the doors are in the open position. These kinds of springs attach on each side of the torsion rod and hold the weight of the door. Curtain springs secure with a set bolt on either end of the torsion springs and usually curtain doors have two springs found one on each side of the curtain door, located on the top of the door opening.

Finally there are torque master torsion springs which are specially designed for safety. These torsion springs enclose on the inside of the torsion shaft and are held in place through the use of a winding cone on each end of the torsion rod. Torque master springs wind using a power drill instead of the traditional winding bar. Therefore it's important to find out what kind of torsion springs you have and how to readjust or replace them before you make the decision to do it on your own or have professionals Garage Door Repair broken spring do it for you.